It may be August, but there are still plenty of beautiful beach days to be had. Rather than avert the sun’s harmful rays with dated sarongs and wide-brimmed hats, we’ll be covering up with these top-notch sunblocks:

The Active Block Ball by Own ($15) covers areas we often forget to slather (nape of the neck, small of the back) via a nifty roller ball. A zinc formula protects skin from UV rays while antioxidants like raspberry oil prevent damage and aging. The light-as-air texture won’t result in greasy skin, so you can go from sand to soiree without a hitch.

Neutrogena’s Wet Skin Sunblock Spray ($12) is ideal for post-swim applications (no toweling-off required). The first sunblock designed with fresh-from-the-pool skin in mind, this sheer, subtly scented sunscreen cuts through water and immediately blends in–leaving no streaky, white mess behind.

For the ultimate in sunscreen convenience, try Shady Wipes ($14). Safe for sensitive skin, these no-fuss cloths–individually pre-loaded with SPF 30–contain vitamin E, rejuvenating mango extract and soothing aloe. Keep a stash in your handbag for spontaneous lunches in the park.

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