Your guests are arriving in ten minutes and the nicely chilled Riesling needs to stay cool. You could keep it in the freezer, which might work out well or might leave you with a bottle of wine cold enough to numb your teeth. Or you could use the Corkcicle ($23), a new fast-working, temperature-controlling device and possibly the smartest wine gadget since the corkscrew.

Think of the Corkcicle as your alternative to a drippy ice bucket or ice cube (which can dilute wine’s flavor). Basically a nontoxic, freezable plastic spear at the end of a rubber cork, this creation goes into a bottle to cool it from the inside out. The Corkcicle reaches its optimal temperature after two hours in the freezer and stays cold for about 45 minutes thereafter. Just open a bottle, pour out a glass and stick it in.

It’s obviously great for whites, which are best enjoyed cool–at about 50 degrees. But we also like it for quickly lowering reds to cellar temperature should they get too warm on our decidedly non-cellar-quality racks.

Aside from the space-saving benefits of replacing a clunky bucket with a slim tube, we can’t wait to see what conversation it will spark at our next dinner party.

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