Hey, you, engaged citizen: Did you vote today? Yes? Good. But there’s actually one more step you can take this Election Day to do your civic duty: You can visit Chase Community Giving on Facebook and vote for the small and local charities you think are most deserving of sharing more than $3 million in donations.

To get started, simply “like” Chase Community Giving on Facebook. Next you can vote for up to ten charities that you think would benefit the most from a sizable donation. (Past winners include a New York City-based organization that works to protect the rights of children and teens, a youth arts initiative and aVirginia wildlife center.) One eligible winner will receive $250,000 in funds, and 99 others will share in the rest of the winnings (4 will get $100,000 and 95 will get $25,000), meaning that every vote really counts.

The voting begins today and is open through November 22, so you can vote now or vote later. Just make sure you don’t miss your chance to make a difference.

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