Maybe in our next lives we’ll come back as professional woodworkers/seamstresses/upholsterers. But for now we’re happy to rely on nifty and easy tricks for breathing new life into dull furniture. Our latest such discovery: O’verlays.

The brainchild of two interior designer friends, O’verlays are decorative fretwork panels that attach to furniture, glass, mirrors and the like to gorgeous and slightly mod effect.

The paintable, lightweight designs come in multiple sizes, all of which fit various IKEA pieces–or they can be custom cut to accommodate any furniture you have in mind. They attach easily via adhesive tabs, and they can often be removed without doing any damage to the original surface.

Most importantly, they have the ability to totally transform an item. For instance, check out what happens when you paint theDanika ($19 per panel) gold and stick it on a vintage dresser. Or behold as the Tall Pagoda ($25) and the Harper ($2.25 per foot) turn an IKEA cabinet into a retro-looking dining room piece.

We also love the idea of using O’verlays on mirrors or as wall trim, though really the surface-mounting possibilities are endless.

Sometimes it’s okay to be superficial.

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