We were recently assigned Crime and Punishment for our great-literature book club. (We know–ambitious.) The good news: Dostoyevsky is pretty gripping. The bad news: Crime and Punishment doesn’t exactly pack light.

The solution:, a new online compendium of free e-books that you can read anytime, on any device, and bookmark and annotate to your heart’s content.

Once you sign up, begin by searching Litfy’s library of thousands of books (most are public-domain titles, though the site is also working with publishers to offer copyrighted material) and add selections to your queue. As you read, you can virtually dog-ear pages, highlight passages and make margin notes.

Plus, since Litfy stores all your account information, you’re able to log in from any device–tablet, smartphone, computer–and pick up where you left off. And soon you’ll be able access your books even when off-line, meaning your airplane reading need not suffer.

Another perk for book clubs is Litfy’s easy-to-form discussion groups, which enable fellow readers to check in with one another and ask questions as they go.

By that measure, if anybody wants to discuss moral ambiguity in 19th-century Russia, we’ll be there waiting.

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