While we openly begrudge anyone working too hard to look good at the gym, we do try to at least appear presentable. That’s why it’s such a bummer when workout clothes cling or pinch or ride up in unflattering ways.

Luckily, the smarties at Spanx have us covered–literally–with their new activewear line designed to flatten, lengthen and de-lump.

Using the Spanx technology you know and love, the four new bottoms and two new tops are made with control panels that suck you in and keep your softest areas looking firm. The yoga-readyPower Pants ($118) were inspired by Spanx founder Sara Blakely’s quest for post-pregnancy workout gear, and the high, stretchy waist really does prevent bulges without feeling like a girdle. TheShaping Knee Pants ($78), on the other hand, are a little tighter and a lot more compression-oriented (i.e., your butt will look amazing). They’re also great for nonbulky layering as the weather gets cooler.

As for the shirts, we like the sports-bra friendly Cinch-It Racerback($68), which is super-flattering for all bust sizes.

Now we have no excuse not to hit the gym.

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