Although math wasn’t our favorite subject in high school, we’ll gladly revisit the Pythagorean theorem if it means snagging the goods from String Theory, a new textile company specializing in knits with marvelous, calculated shapes.

Taken from the world of physics, String Theory appropriately describes the engineering behind the beautifully woven scarves and throws. Canadian designer (and geometry whiz) Meghan Price renders the mathematically precise shapes of her alpaca, bamboo and merino wool creations, while her masterful knitting partner, Lysanne Latulippe, transforms them into comfy wovens in soft shades of gray (not unlike the color of the pencil lead we long ago used to solve our math problems).

A closer look at the zigzags in the Chevron scarf ($120) and black-and-white shawl ($220) reveals carefully measured angles, while the aptly named How to Knit scarf ($120) combines a basic woven design with perfectly linear diamond shapes.

Besides bundling up in the Euclidean String Theory woven scarf ($120), we plan to spend snowy Sundays on the couch with String Theory’s cozy throw blankets ($320)–and maybe even crack open that old geometry book.

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