How many design lovers does it takes to screw in a lightbulb? We may never know, but we’re at least ready to figure it out–thanks to these gorgeous bulbs that turn any fixture into an emblem of high design.

Plumen The winner of Britain’s most prestigious design award, the Plumen ($30) is a low-energy fluorescent lighting option (it lasts eight times longer than your standard bulb) that looks cool enough to forgo a lamp shade. We love the twisty shape and surprisingly warm glow.

Edison Bulbs Been out to eat in the past eight years? Then you’ve probably noticed the antique Edison bulbs that are lighting hip restaurants everywhere. To get the look in your own home, go with Restoration Hardware’s filament-friendly Exposition Quad Loop bulb ($13 to $15).

Chrome Tip If you like the naked-bulb look but worry about excess glare, try a chrome-tipped version, like this Bulbrite globe($8 to $10), that renders the industrial look just a tad moresophisticated.

Lamp/Lamp Finally, a lightbulb with a sense of humor. TheLamp/Lamp ($39) has two sets of screw threads, meaning you can twist either end into an outlet for a tongue-in-cheek optical illusion.

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